Woman chat room to text to trolling dating website drawings of flowers

Was this some kind of spam with the sender looking for access to my phone somehow? Maybe tonight she'd be home before ten and they could talk. Even on the weekends she seemed to have things to do and places to be. Watching as when they are done the other woman comes on screen to lap up the cum from my wife's arse and cunt to then feed it back to her via a kiss.

Or was this someone trying to let me know something? My wife told me that was part of my problem these days. The problem with a busy work week she would tell me when I'd ask. Next these two black guys appear and they spit roast her.

The ringleader then gets up and slaps my wife across the face, yelling at her, "You'll clean that mess up bitch." As she licks the carpet, the video fades to black. The fat white guy was the owner of the company I learnt thanks to their website. I also entertained the idea of burning their office building to the ground.

With the video over, I'm offered a selection of nine others to watch. Adjusting the url so I can view the site they're on, I find thirty six more videos featuring her. By the time stamps, the most she'd done in a day was two on a Saturday. One of the black guys was the top salesman for them. Looking at my watch, I saw that it was nearly nine.

Maybe your tits will feel better than that used up slutty mouth of yours." She complies and is now sliding back and forth with his dick sandwiched between her tits and her mouth open as the dildo slides in and out.

Dragging the woman to the couch, he then positions her so that she's over the guy sitting there. Pure force, she screams but that's muted by the gag in her mouth. She's still got a hole free." The guy says to the dick on the left, who then walks to the center of the scene and then lines up his cock with the woman's cunt and slams forward, not stopping until he's balls deep. We then see her turning a dial on the box that the wire leads to from one extreme to another. Trying hard to keep her mouth and hands on the guy's dick. She's failing to do it and then suddenly stiffens like she's been frozen before than losing all control of his body.

Not that I can see but they are lining up her arse with his dick and once they have it. After the what I'd seen so far it looked gentle but it was far from that. Fluids gush out of her cunt with the pebble thing riding the wave.

Once that second guy spends his load, this fat white guy comes on and sticks his dick into my wife's arse and starts to pound away at her.

My wife's arse, cunt and legs are just dripping with cum at this point. I'm at a loss as to why I'm still watching, I guess it's like a car accident. It's crazy, my cock is excited and my brain is repulsed.

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