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The descending slab, the subducting plate, is over-ridden by the leading edge of the other plate.The slab sinks at an angle of approximately twenty-five to forty-five degrees to Earth's surface.Subduction zones dive down into the mantle beneath 55,000 kilometers of convergent plate margins (Lallemand, 1999), almost equal to the cumulative 60,000 kilometers of mid-ocean ridges.Subduction zones burrow deeply but are imperfectly camouflaged, and geophysics and geochemistry can be used to study them.Not surprisingly, the shallowest portions of subduction zones are known best.Subduction zones are strongly asymmetric for the first several hundred kilometers of their descent. Their descents are marked by inclined zones of earthquakes that dip away from the trench beneath the volcanoes and extend down to the 660-kilometer discontinuity.

Subduction is the driving force behind plate tectonics, and without it, plate tectonics could not occur.

The OP says he is into bodybuilding so he would know that there is a huge difference between a woman who is into bodybuilding and one who is say a crossfit chick.

Subduction is a geological process that takes place at convergent boundaries of tectonic plates where one plate moves under another and is forced or sinks due to gravity into the mantle.

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