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The association opened his mind to modern theories of color.His travels to Paris in 1912 also exposed him to the ferment of Cubism and the pioneering examples of "pure painting", an early term for abstract art.His works reflect his dry humour and his sometimes childlike perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and also his musicality.Paul Klee was born as the second child of the German music teacher Hans Wilhelm Klee (1849–1940) and the Swiss singer Ida Marie Klee, née Frick (1855–1921).

In January 1911 Alfred Kubin met Klee in Munich and encouraged him to illustrate Voltaire's Candide. His early inclination towards the absurd and the sarcastic was well received by Kubin, who befriended Klee and became one of his first significant collectors.

His selection of a particular color palette emulates a musical key.

Sometimes he uses complementary pairs of colors, and other times "dissonant" colors, again reflecting his connection with musicality.

With his characteristic dry wit, he wrote, "After all, it’s rather difficult to achieve the exact minimum, and it involves risks." With his parents' reluctant permission, in 1898 he began studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Heinrich Knirr and Franz von Stuck.

He excelled at drawing but seemed to lack any natural color sense.

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