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If you explore all the dungeons thoroughly and youve defeated a lot of enemies, you will have enough materials to turn in for some of these side quests several times.

This trophy will pop as soon as you pick up your reward from completing your 100th side quest.

Try to complete all of the heroines' side stories while youre at it.

See the respective A Deeper Bond trophies for more information on this.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies: Ki-bo's a Playah A Deeper Bond: Lisbeth A Deeper Bond: Asuna Swordmaster Spellmaster Skill Master Skill Maniac Contractor Bounty Hunter Sword of Kings Step 3: Clean up.

In this step, clean up any trophies you might have missed.

Note that the difficulty is by default set to Normal and can only be changed at the main menu.

Make sure to also open any treasure chests you come across, as some of them will contain weapons or accessories which you will need for the Weapon Collector and Accessory Collector trophies.

NOTE: This guide is based on the localized version of the game for PS4.In this step, you will want to complete any remaining character events for the A Deeper Bond trophies and the Ki-bo's a Playah trophy.Most of the grinding will be done in this step as well.LATIN NUMBERS 1-20 LATIN Number Math 1 - 20 Latin numbers up to 1000 Roman Numerals II Numubers: Ecce Ch.For the end of the year students will be doing restaurant skits - yes they will be able to bring in their own "props" Smartphrase Dr Lemon Food glossary More food vocabulary with pronounciation More food vocabulary Food vocabulary sorted into sections Spanish review challenge board Spanish review rags to riches Numbers Number classtools game Number spellmaster games Classroom expressions Expressions classtools games Expressions spellmaster games Color games Basic quia games Battleship Hangman Rags to riches Learn and play game Weather games Basic quia games Columns matching Jumbled words Rags to riches Spellmaster games Classtools games Scatter game Space race Date games Quia basic Telling time pop ups Telling time colums matching Rags to riches Time Challenge board - time Learn and play games time quiz Time spellmaster Food games Learn and play games Fruits and vegetables La comida classtools games La comida spellmaster games Spanish food webquest Read about Tapas choose a recipe make it with your parents have them sign off on it and earn extra credit!

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