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“We’d have these very philosophical conversations, about the impact of the Internet, about the communities that develop online and how they translate to real life.” This was a professional area of interest for the woman who works as Web accessibility coordinator for Humana, exploring issues of better online access for people with disabilities.

“We knew some of the same people in SL,” says Callistro, IT operations manager for a small California company.

“There was a Second Life meet-up in San Francisco, where Linden Lab is based,” says Callistro.“I was involved in running that, and flew out for the weekend, and Charles and I got to know each other there,” says Waters.“And then, back in SL, there was his radio station.” “I was running Phreak Radio,” says Callistro.This is just a social media site's way of making it easier to use their app. Suddenly, Friend D has been replaced by Friend C on my best friends list! It’s not like that actually means this new Friend C is a better friend to me than Friend D, does it?This “magical algorithm” can’t have any tangible repercussions, can it? (Shoot, told myself I was done with the poorly written rhetorical questions.) Of course, it doesn’t.

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