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Yes, the cast is attractive, but the most powerful and beautiful moments occur when everyone has their clothes on.

The simulated sex in HBO's new drama series, "Tell Me You Love Me," has gotten most of the attention leading up to this weekend's premiere.

The sex is there, as it always is, to hook you -- although the shock of seeing Foster, the Jane Alexander character, having sex is an effective and unsettling reminder of how desexualized anyone older than 50 is in this society.

The show is an intimate look at marriage, told through 4 couples, one each in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 60s.The wife in her 60s, May Foster (played by former NEA chair Jane Alexander) is the therapist of the other three.The show has garnered huge amounts of chatter because it features, even for cable, explicit sex scenes and full frontal nudity from both sexes.As of this writing, a single episode of is available on HBO Go but it’s a shame to not see all 31 episodes of this classic documentary series streaming on-demand.It offers a fascinating and guilt-free view of the wide world of sex in the 1990s. The show starred Cohen as Ali G, a desperate-to-fit-in white correspondent who feels he has his finger on the pulse of the world’s youth (or “da yoof,” as he says).

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These couples' stories, though, are told very well.

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