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‘Oh you’re very kind, it’s all about backlighting,’ she insists.)Joan Collins is Elizabeth’s glamorous co-star in E!

’s TV show The Royals, which we’ve met to discuss over breakfast in a Soho hotel.

Hollywood dubbed the life of Christ ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’. In the same store there are cards bearing the crudity ‘Ho Ho Ho Mother F*****’. The fascinating question is how it has become respectable — or almost respectable — for a High Street chain to sell such cards, and for ordinary, decent people to buy them without apparently thinking twice about it. Every year Christmas becomes fractionally more secular and obsessively consumerist.

But actually the title would serve perfectly for the birth of the baby Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem, surrounded by his parents and beasts of the field. The Son of God is born not in a palace but in a humble stable, and will soon be at risk of persecution from the secular authorities who will try to murder all young boys. Whatever you think, whether you believe the Gospels or not, this is a story that has spoken to the hearts of men for 2,000 years, and still speaks to many of us. Another features Father Christmas under the slogan ‘Merry Kiss My A***’. I’m afraid the answer is that this country has drifted so far from its Christian heritage that it’s now possible to mock Christianity on mainstream TV or on a Christmas card without much, if any, comeback. This has gone on for so long that the Nativity is now either the subject of gross humour, or has simply been written out of the script.

Elizabeth remains close to Arun Nayar, with whom she had a-nine year relationship.There aren’t that many women of any age who could pull it off.‘I hear you – I’m not that happy about it either,’ she jokes.A third says on the front ‘This Christmas Treat Yourself to some A***’. John Proctor, who owns the Scribbler chain, had previously told the Mail that his shops put lewd cards on the higher shelves. One recent story that depressed me concerns Nativity plays.According to a parenting website called Netmums, only one in three schools still holds a traditional Nativity play telling of Christ’s birth, even though most parents want the Christmas story to live on in education.

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If you’ve had a new bank card in the past year, you’ve probably got one already — and you can spot a contactless card by the radio wave symbol on the front.

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