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Inscriptiones Rhodi, Chalces, Carpathi cum Saro, Casi - (1 inscription) IG XII 3 - F.

Inscriptiones Symes Teutlussae Teli Nisyri Astypalaeae Anaphes Therae et Therasiae Pholegandri Meli Cimoli - (1 inscription) IG XII 4, 1 - D.

For Inscriptiones Graecae, Dittenberger was responsible for the Athenian inscriptions of the Roman period, of Megaris and Boeotia, and of Phocis, Lokris, Aetolia, Acarnania and the Ionian Islands.

In addition he edited the inscriptions of Olympia (with Karl Purgold) and the 6th to 11th editions of the widely used commentary on Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico begun by Friedrich Kraner.

The Chalkis Decree and the Tribute Reassessment Decree".

Epigraphical Essays - (286 inscriptions) IALD II - S. Lambert, Inscribed Athenian Laws and Decrees in the Age of Demosthenes. Aleshire, The Athenian Asklepieion: The People, their Dedications, and the Inventories - (2 inscriptions) Aleshire, Asklepios, - S. Aleshire, Asklepios at Athens: Epigraphic and Prosopographic Essays on the Athenian Healing Cults - (1 inscription) Bardani and Matthaiou, Tιμαί Φανοδήμου, - V. Matthaiou, "Tιμαί Φανοδήμου Διύλλου Θυμαιτάδου", Horos 22-25 (2010-2013), 79-84 - (1 inscription) Blok and van’t Wout, Table Arrangements, - J. van’t Wout, "Table arrangements: Sitesis as Polis Institution (IG I3 131)", in F. Blok, "The Priestess of Athena Nike: a New Reading of IG I 35 and 36", Kernos 27 (2014), 99-126 - (2 inscriptions) Boegehold, Archive, - A. Boegehold, "The Establishment of a Central Archive at Athens", AJA 76 (1972), 23-30 - (1 inscription) Bradeen and Mc Gregor, Studies, - D. His son, Heinrich Dittenberger (1875-1952), was a lawyer in Halle, Leipzig and Berlin, as well as Chief Director of the German Bar Association from 1910 to 1933.After his death in 1907, his library was acquired by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as was the library of Johannes Vahlen, slightly later (1913).

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Wilhelm Dittenberger was the son of the protestant theologian Wilhelm Theophor Dittenberger.

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