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Love and passion, Mo Dem Crew When we started building Mo: Dem accordingly to our vision of festival with three musical stages, the role of The Swamp was a crucial one.

Basic idea was to generate counterbalance to the faster and heavier musical styles presented at The Hive. Rather we imagined The Swamp as the extension of same psychedelic dance experience.

Mo: Dem abandoned the outdated concept that divides musical genres on 'main' and 'alternative', so each production segment of Festival haves equal treatment and approach.

It seems that you liked our concept with three musical stages.

With our greener initiative, we want to develop our ecological and sustainable projects to the next level.

It's because we started working on the forthcoming edition of Momento Demento on the very same day we closed the gates of our last gathering.Number one on our 'to do list' is a build-up of the new infrastructure and facility which will make your future Mo: Dem Festival comfortable and cozy experience. and all other shared social spaces will get a serious upgrade.We are one step closer towards creating Festival environment that is more accessible and humane.You know what to expect; diverse musical content with an emphasis on psychedelic sounds and out of this world visuals, installations and art.Too much text, few days before NYE, seems redundant.

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