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Of course over time these little differences can start to wear thin and you might find that the mental age gap is bigger than you realized.

The solution here is to not let it grate on you, but to rather see the value in those differences.

There is a lot you can learn from each other, but as long as you accept that there is no single outlook on life that is right, and that no outlook is wrong.

If you have any doubts of your own, and other people voice those doubts you're having, then this can be enough to unravel your relationship.While they might have genuinely good intentions, that doesn't make it any less upsetting if they don't seem to have faith in your relationship or if they voice concerns loudly and even people you don't know you'll find will stare and look if the age gap is visibly noticeable.The next challenge can often come from differences in your experience and world view.If they are much younger in their behavior for instance, then see this more innocent and less cynical outlook as refreshing and see their youthful energy as a way to get back some of your own youth.Meanwhile if your partner is older, then see how they can help you to mature yourself, and how they can use their knowledge and wisdom to help you through your more difficult times.

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