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He told the Daily Mirror: 'British Airways closed the first class lounge at 22.30 and everyone was asked to go to normal business lounge upstairs where food and all alcoholic drinks had been removed.'At 23.00 we were told by lounge manager that we must be out of that lounge by 23.30.'It was shortly after that when a number of armed police arrived in lounge.'British Airways says this was a decision taken by Heathrow Airport to prevent any escalation of a situation. ' This was the scene inside Heathrow Airport at 3am this morning as passengers were left stranded. And their angry parents have now slammed the travel company behind the trip, TUI Airways, after it just offered them a £50 holiday voucher in compensation in addition to a full refund.Passenger Laura Bryce, who took the picture, said: 'It's 3am at Heathrow Airport and this is the line for British Airways. Paul Compton, 67, and wife Christine, 66, were part of a group of eight including their two six year-old grandchildren, which paid £4,000 for the trip from Newcastle International Airport on Sunday morning.Having waited hours to board her flight she then spent two hours sitting on the aircraft, waiting for it to depart.

He said: 'I love flying BA, they are incredible in the air but lousy on the ground.'Speaking with other passengers in the line last night, we all agreed that BA has learned nothing from seven years ago and Heathrow have failed to address the issue of having enough de-icers to cope with demand when needed.'The small business owner, who has had to reschedule appointments in the wake of the delays, added: 'It must have cost them far more in compensation and rebooking than it would to buy the necessary preventative equipment.'A word to the wise, when you travel long or short haul, factor in delays and cancellations.'Britain obviously doesn't do well in winter.The Airbus A320 was due to depart Berlin Tegel at 1.50pm but was delayed due to the weather conditions on the continent.It eventually took off at 6.57pm and made its way towards London.' Andreas Anastasiou‏ was affected by the same flight.He wrote: 'Total disappointment from @British_Airways. Came to pick up my parents from a flight Athens which was delayed, only to find out that they have landed in Newcastle and they are coming by bus to London at 4 in the morning. Waiting a refund for this.' X Factor singer Grace Davies was also caught up in the travel chaos as she returned from Germany.

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