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Others had their type of health plan, health insurance marketplace identification number, payment amounts, telephone number and payment identification numbers exposed.

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, internal client ID numbers, health plan ID numbers, insurance numbers, dates of services, programs and types of services, and diagnoses.

It may, perhaps, be a weak start toward that assessment.

(There is, to my knowledge, no major social science book on this subject.) The story begins with some genealogical research by the Times and genealogist, Megan Smolenyak: In 1850, the elderly master of a South Carolina estate took pen in hand and painstakingly divided up his possessions.

Jessica), one that is also revealing of the unwillingness of most whites to fully face and thoroughly assess the rape and sexual coercion of black women by white men–likely hundreds of thousands of times, over 350 or so years of our 400 year history.

Annette Gordon-Reed, a visiting Harvard law professor : “That we’ve just started speaking openly about the complexity of black ancestry doesn’t surprise. There’s also a lot of white Southern anxiety in denials of these tangled blood lines. They constituted a well-developed system for the social and sexual control of men and women.

Acknowledging them requires admitting what went on in the South. During slavery, and later under legal segregation, many African and African American women were sexually coerced and raped by white men, including white sailors, slavemasters, overseers, and employers.

In the slavery era most black women were owned and controlled by white men.

The word “pedigree” here seems more than a little inappropriate since it is more often used of animals like dogs (h./t. The When her owner, David Patterson, died in 1852, Melvinia soon found herself on a 200-acre farm with new masters, Mr. In Georgia, she was one of only three slaves on property that is now part of a neat subdivision in Rex, near Atlanta. It is difficult to say who might have impregnated Melvinia, who gave birth to Dolphus around 1859, when she was perhaps as young as 15.

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