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Even though the majority of the population of the core Middle Eastern nation is descended from the peoples of antiquity, they now consider themselves by and large Arab.The Arabs were also present in antiquity, and are mentioned early on as a group on the margins of the ancient world (and sometimes at the center).For speakers of neo-Aramaic in Iraq this makes total sense; but Arabic speaking Lebanese Maronites also object to an Arab identity (though this gains some traction due to the common bilingualism of Maronites in French and Arabic).But even if most of the Christians of the Arab Middle East are no longer non-Arabs by speech, they preserve a direct link with the ancient pre-Arab Middle East in their liturgy.That is, those who spoke one of the Syrian dialects.Politically Assyria never arose independently again after its conquest by the Persians.The Christians of Syria and Lebanon divide between those who are aligned with the Syrian Orthodox Church, or Christians affiliated with Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

He said the men stole his ring and bashed him on the leg with a pistol.

The period of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, in particular under Ashurbanipal, was arguably the apogee of the tradition of statecraft which matured during the long simmer of civilization after the invention of literacy and the end of the Bronze Age.

The Neo-Assyrian Empire marked the transition from cuneiform to the alphabet, from chariots to cavalry.

Most Americans are aware of the term “Assyria,” if they are, through the Bible.

The above quotation is of some interest because it alludes to the scattering of the ten northern tribes of Israel during their conquest and assimilation into the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

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