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Koo-Chun's love for Chae-Hwa was also very tender and heartfelt. Downsides: more attention needed to props/costumes and locations, little focus on historical background - I started to watch this in order to learn more about Baekje, but didn't get much really. The cast were ALL fabulous and brilliant specially Myung Se-Bin, Yoon Tae-Young, Jo Hyun-Jae, and Jeon Tae-Soo. Looks like a tree branch but throughout the show they are chewing on this type of branch.Yet, the story and the acting kept me watching to the last episode. I know nothing about Korean or Asian food and am not an adventurer or outdoors person so I do not recognize it as a food source.It was well cast with some veteran sageuk actors and newcomers to the genre.The lead actress Hyeon-jin Seo and actress Woo Seo were spectacular and nuanced in their performance. The story did not drag on as some other dramas of this genre-the wars were short and the torture scenes were brief.I will give five stars for KDSBH and 4 stars for empress ki Can't agree anymore! I have watched empress ki many times, it is the best of best, all the people in Korea and Asia love this drama, it was the best drama of 2013-2014 but king daughter is toooo long, I just watched it ones, there were a lot of borring scenes for filling the episodes, actors obviously can't do their best, king daughter can't compare with empress ki. incestuous affair and finding ways to justify it, the character is as bad as her sis.It was one of the best dramas with powerful screenplay and directing! I am sorry aa, Empress Ki was interesting till the 20th episode or so. Being as righteous as she's played out to be, she shd not let the prince suffer by keeping the secret. if Solan really cared about her sis, she should end Solhi's dream by breaking the secret , and drag her away together from the palace like she said earlier. and not to mention how stupid the Elite Band is compare to the mountain girl Solhi.korean script writers really like to shoved this kind of rubbish down viewers throat?

Great chemistry between Seol-Nan and Myung Nong was another bonus to this drama.

A warm ,brigh,shining,wonderful drama about soul and tricks of soul . Aside from that it's my second but not last time watching this wonderful drama.

Really have to give props again to all connected with it including director, producers, every peripheral person involved in the production and so very much to ALL the actors and actresses.

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Great writing was also very much present in King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. It's quite obvious that kind-hearted Seol-Nan is the protagonist and her sister Seol-Hee is the evil foil.

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